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Storify: Englewood Glory Boy

Chicago was once known as the “Windy City “and home to the greatest basketball player for a few years with Michael Jordan. However, years later this tourist friendly place became a war zone far from the Willis Tower with heavy gang activity including a raise in the murder count. A new form of music was created and the generation loved and glorified the gangster rap of Chicago.
Chief Keef took his hometown by storm after releasing his debut single “300” dissing every gang that isn’t his friends and some gangs have killed his friends and family. The song glorified killing and stealing from others that had money or drugs. At the young age of 16, he was already a problem and after releasing a mixtape called “Back From The Dead”, the teenager began to get hot and after several top artist notice him they wanted to sign him. Chief turned every label down but Interscope Records and started working on his debut album “Finally Rich”. Following the growth of his success he began to get a long rap sheet with the police and was later arrested and had to severe time in jail for 8 months. His album was released before he was forced to start his sentence.
After serving his sentence, the young artist began to take off while still staying in Illinois with mixtapes. Trouble soon followed and issues with the police in the state and had no choice but to flee the state and he moved to California or face jail time for promoting the violence in the city with his music. He can’t come back home to visit family or he will be arrested and have no choice but to go to court for trial. No performances or songs of his can be played in shows no where in the state. Chief Keef has became an outlaw in his own state and is still making a name for himself with still putting out hits songs or just producing the beat.

Social Media

The internet is truly undefeated because anything that is placed on it can be used against anyone in the court of law. Yet, alone the news can nationally spotlight the situation. With any form of corporations/businesses especially and some may believe when something is deleted it’s gone forever no, it still could be recovered and used if its not encrypted. Majority of the problems come from individuals writing blogs on personal websites that they know newspaper companies wouldn’t allow them to have that story printed. Reporters are allowed to use questions found on Facebook or any form of media however, they can’t force the issue. The policy is confusing because it’s so much that follows when writing news. You can only do so much that when asking questions during interviews and your own social media is personally watched.